In autumn I did a photoshoot of my friends in Nørresundby, Denmark. They showed me an awesome place with a lake surrounded by a lot of green areas. Perfect to take a blanket and sit there for hours with a bottle of wine and probably in their case a lot of very good Lithuanian food. Oh yes, they make awesome food! I especially like those small sandwiches with carrot, cheese, and garlic, which are great snacks.

Anyways, coming back to the photoshoot, Rasa once told me that they do not have any photos on which they both look okay. They have known each other since forever (or at least since high school time) and we decided that this was a good time to do something about it.

We waited some time to find a day, in which the sky would be nice and creamy to create an interesting background for the photos. As we all know, autumn is not perfect when it comes to cloudless skies, but there was that one day....

It was a really good time, we laughed a lot and I also learned a pose or two from them, which I have never seen before. But the most important, to me, is that the pictures show their relation, that can be sometimes serious, but most of the time is just joyful and about having a good time together. 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

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  1. The lake in Denmark sounds beautiful and a lovely day for you and your friends :) Unfortunately, the photos wouldn't load for me to be able to see them.
    Jaz xo