Year 2014 finished in an interesting way. I spent some time with family and friends and I had a short holiday at the south of Poland learning how to ski. One thing that I can say about skiing is that if you want to learn it you should first make peace with your mind. It is ok to fall and allow yourself to kiss the snow (sometimes lie flat on it, a multitude of times). Without failing it is difficult to learn anything.

Lesson learned! 

It also seems as if this can be taken to everyday life. We tend to try to do everything in a perfect way, spending hours on details which only a qualified eye can notice. This year I want to focus on progression, not perfectionism. Learning from doing, not reading about doing. I believe that it can bring more in 2015.

The video below is an example of executing my new thoughts. It is a compilation of memories from my trip to the mountains. I realise that it is not perfect, I could come up with a list of things to change, but why? I like the general feeling of it and as a video summarising my winter holidays it is aaaaall right.

I would like to hear the most challenging goal from your 2015 resolutions.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

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